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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well it is here! Another December! Ok, I have to admit I love December. Well the last 6 days of it. The kids are both pretty snoggy now. Charley, it seems, is getting (or has) her first cold. Poor lil monkey. She holds still for us and lets us blow her nose and she will even try to blow on her own. She was trying to copy me sneezing this morning which brought on a fit of giggles as I sneezed again and again with her.
Frankie has been boycotting sleep and food for the last few days. Well unless we are eating subway meatball subs.....I hope she sleeps in a little bit today. Her dad made the mistake the other night when I was out grocery shopping letting her come back upstairs to watch some TV because "she just wasn't sleepy" so that has been her catch phrase since then!
I bought them an advent calendar and Frankie is already reminding me to not forget to give her a chocolate EVERYDAY! That kid has a memory like an Elephant!
Today I go and sign some paperwork for school. And so begins a new chapter for me. Well sort of a new revamped chapter......I hope to get some knowledge about business ownership from this.
So I am almost done my Christmas shopping which makes me a bit sad-I love Christmas shopping. Seems that you have start earlier and earlier each year because of the deals. Especially with kids. If not you miss the IT present for the year.
So bring it on December. A month of rushing, parties, baking and family. Oh, lets not forget the most awesome day of the year!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dark Lashes

Frankie hasn't been feeling well for the last few days. She has been getting a cold. It seems that when Frankie gets sick, she turns into an Angel Child. Please, thank-you, yes mommy, no daddy, I love you SOO much are just about the only words out of her poor sick little mouth. It has been a LOONG time since Frankie has been sick, about a year, which is an eternity in kids standards. So the other night she asked me to lay with her until she fell asleep. How could I say no.
As she directed my hand to the 'correct' tickling spot (if you stay too long on one place or don't use your finger nails, she'll let you know) I watched her little face in the moments before pre-sleep. Her eyes were closed and flickering, her lips pursed and a look of concentrations was on her face. As we progressed her breath regulated and her lips relaxed, then parted ever so slightly. Her eyes stopped flickering and hand relaxed its grip on  mine. I looked at my daughter. My truly beautiful daughter. Her lashes, so dark and long against her pale skin, her full pink lips, her smooth porcelain skin. She has a little faint scar from when her fingernail scraped her skin on her nose. Her lower left lip is fuller then her right.

I began to think what will Frankie make of herself? Will she accomplish the things she sets out to do? I hope her father and I give her the confidence in herself to take no prisoners, to live her dreams and  to include others in her life. I want to give her everything she needs and the tools to work for everything she wants. Will we succeed? Will she?

My thoughts traveled to her beauty. Everyone is beautiful, in their own way. Frankie is no exception. Will she be a stunner, or the 'girl-next-door', will she be athletic or the dramatically pretty? As I lay with my sleeping daughter all I wanted for her in that time and that place was for someone, anyone in her life to lay with her and look at her like I am doing. If they marvel at the gentle slope of her nose, the puffy pout of her lips while she sleeps, the strand of hair tangled in her ear and the exotic darkness of her lashes like I am doing right now, then someone loves her like I love her. They love her for being Frankie, and that is all I can hope for.........

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wizard of Oz

Oh my little Dorothy was so happy! As a gift Nana and Poppa bought us tickets to go see a theater production of the Wizard of Oz. Frankie donned her Dorthy dress and her Ruby red shoes. I put her hair in hot rollers and put a bit of mascara on her amazing long eyelashes and my little Frankie was transformed! The entire time in the car on the way to the theater she kept asking if we were there yet and although she didnt quite understand "theater" is different then "movie" she kept asking if the real actors would be on the screen. Once we arrived it was clear that Dorothy had arrived! She grabbed her dress skirt and skipped through the lobby as every person in the joint looked longingly at her Ruby Red slippers!
She was a little put off that the Slippers portrayed in the Program had Ruby Red 'Ribbings' (Bows on the toes-aka, ribbons) and hers didn't, but she didn't let that slow her down. Instead she said that SHE had the right shoes and they were wrong!
She sat in rapture for the entire show. She had to make a move from her own seat to sit on Quags lap because she couldn't see one little corner of the stage, but after that is was ALL GOOD! So good in fact that at intermission she paraded up and down the concourse skipping, dancing and twirling her way to entertaining the crowd. After the show, she asked her dad if she could go up and stage and bow with the cast!
All in all a wonderful first experience with Theater! She loved every minute of it. Lets hope that the Nutcracker Ballet is as warmly received next weekend!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forever and a Day

Oh it has been so long since I have written anything. I often think about it, then get caught up in my vicious circle of guilt. You know the one, it is the same with my pictures. I wait too long to do anything with them then I feel bad, then I can't get caught up and so and so forth. Well here it goes. I guess I will just have to ump in to it.
Charley, at 13 months is practically running everywhere. She climbs on everything and rides her trike and anything that moves. Where Frankie was verbally driven Charley is very tactically driven. She loves to put things in a bag and take them out, play with screw drivers and hammers, press buttons and touch the touchy feel books. Frankie was and still is very into her books and pretend play. She is always 'someone' whether she be Dorothy, Willy Wonka, Rapunzel or another one of her favorites.
For Halloween Frankie dressed as Dorothy and Charley was a strawberry. We went trick or treating around Gran's house and Frankie had a great time. Charley was in the back pack and loved looking at all the lights and decorations. She did not, however, like the fireworks!

Frankie is taking swimming lessons and is becoming more comfortable with putting her head under the water and what not. She is, however, a little frustrated at the process. When asked how her lessons are going she replies "Well I can't swim yet!"
They had a joint birthday party this year and it worked out really well. Mom and dad were here, we made scary cupcakes and the weather was nice enough to do it all outside. The kids went on tractor rides, and played on a bouncy castle. It was really a lot of fun and of course the kids got spoiled. Charley was walking before her birthday, and her actual first steps were at 11 months.

I find myself getting sad that fall is over, it is such an amazing season especially where we live. The leave changing, the crispness in the air, the chill in the morning makes me feel like a new beginning is happening. I think that fall is my New Years, or even spring. When all over the place the vegetation is dying and becoming dormant, I always feel like a new rebirth is happening. It is probably ingrained in all of us from school, where it is a new year for school every September, but it seems to always be a rebirth for me in life too. I met and started dating Quag in October, I had both girls in October, the most beautiful season to me is autumn....just seems that it is 'my' time of year.
Now we find ourselves coming in to the Christmas Season. Don't get me wrong, I love Xmas but not as much as fall.
This year will mark a change for our family. Everyone on my side is driving out here. It will be interesting and fun, I am just starting to get excited as I start planning out gifts and what not. Frankie will be uncontrollable! It will be awesome! Anyway, enough for now, I have to upload some pictures before I get distracted again

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summers almost over!

Well the past few weeks have just flown by. We attended Scott and Hayley's wedding in Kelwona at Camp Owissi which was a really great weekend. We sure do have fun when we hook up with the McLean clan. Now we are prepping the house for Grammy and Poppa to come and visit with our NEW (old) Lawn Tractor!! I have been busy trying to finally organize the house and clean and purge everything, but it is hard with the kids around. Yesterday (Saturday0 they attended Daddie daycare and it was Lovely!! I got so much accomplished! I cleaned and organized Charley's room and she moved in last night. It was a bit of a rocky transition. It took a few tries to get down and when she woke up it was with a start, but I think she will settle in nicely ( I hope)!
Today we are getting ready to attend a birthday party and a Grammy Shower! So it will be a fun filled busy day.
In a few weeks I will really start having to put my nose to the grindstone and get job hunting, but being the procrastinator that I am, I am cleaning instead!
Charley is still furniture cruising but is starting to become more vocal and loves her Daddy!! She goes bananas whenever the phone rings or when she 'calls' him. "Hiya Dada, Hiya Dada" over and over again. Frankie is still a bit jealous and is taking all the 'baby' things back, but she is a show off and loves the attention so i can't see that changing anytime soon. He favorite thing now is "Look at me!" She is doing somersaults and is a bit more brave and independent at the playground.
Charley is eating everything and is going to bed around 11pm, till usually around 4 am for a quick feed then back to bed again till 7-8am. I haven't tried her on milk yet but think I will see if she reacts to it in the next few weeks.
Have to hurray now, we have a busy day ahead of us!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Days

Well we have been happily enjoying the lazy days of summer, seeing as we finally got some nice weather under our belt. Yesterday Diana and I went shopping and I was in shock as I found out that Frankie can fit in to some xsmall clothes! What! My almost 3 year old has completely jumped 4t sizes?!?! It gave me a bit of a shock and sent my head spinning. With all the back to school hype I got tho thinking what will be my train of thought in a few years time when my baby starts school? When she makes those first steps to her independence and will be left to fair the world without me to protect her? What if another kid makes fun of her, or the cool girls break her heart....
I know I cannot do anything about the inevitable, it still makes my head spin that my babies are growing so fast. The other day she put her backpack on and was running the driveway and looked back and said, "Look mom, looks like I am going to school." And it did......
This week we will go to Kelowna for a wedding and we are all looking forward to it. We will be staying in a cabin and there will be games and fun for all. We are trying to enjoy these final days of summer and I am hoping for a nice fall. I want to take advantage of all the nice weather and the time I get to spend with the girls all I can.
This week I am heading to Bowman employment resources to discuss resume options, which is another source of panic for me. I am trying to be optimistic and I hope something that will work for us as a family will come and smack me in the forehead! Until then I will remain hopelessly oblivious to my grown up responsibilities.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Charley Walks!!!

She did it...well sort of! Haha! I brought in the 'walker' and thought I would give it a try. Frankie only used the walker AFTER she knew how to walk so I did not hold out much hope. As soon as I got it in the door Charley grabbed the handle and was off. Bumped in the railing a fell down, but she got half way down the hallway. Then later in the day she was standing up using my legs as a brace then she just let go and stood up straight on her own. After those feats it was like pulling teeth trying to get her down for her nap, all she wanted to do was walk and stand without using her hands!
Today we had Rene and her girls over and Sarah and her boys over and Charley didn't want anything to do with the babies. After getting chastized for poking Liv's face three times all she wanted to do was follow around the older girls. You can already see her trailer after Frankie begging her to let her play....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just another Day.

So Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Avery's 3 birthday party. It was nice to be able to spend some time with friends and be able to chat a bit. The kids all played well and didn't get too mad that Avery was the only one getting presents! I had a talk with Frankie before we got there about how it was Avery's house and her toys and HER day and so to share etc and that really seems to help further on in the day. Patty made an amazing cake, but was unfortunately able to attend to eat it! Then we went on a hunt for a BBQ. At superstore they had the $900 BBQ on for $237, but it was only in natural gas. Quag wanted to run a gas line eventually anyway so here starts another project. We need to find someone to run our natural gas line and then we will have a wonderful new BBQ to hook up to it!!!
Charley is doing well, she is starting to find things really funny, like sherberts and peek a boo. She LOVES her dad kissing her neck and will throw herself back onto him to get him to do it more! She is starting to show her own personality more and she will be the get up and go type. She is always on the move.
Frankie is becoming such an actress. Last night in bed she was asking me to sleep with her because "she needed to keep her eyes on me just incase the Poison gas will get us" While she is saying this she is putting on her best serious face and it trying to instill the urgency in the situation....I seriously have to get this kid into some drama classes.
All in all just another day in the world.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Sunshine Coast

Rene and Cliff invited us to Gibsons on the sunshine coast to spend the weekend at their parents place. What a treat! Such beautiful country! We were graced with great weather so we got a day in a the beach and an hour on the boat! The beach was really great fun. Frankie and Malia played in the sand the majority of the time although Frankie and I did make a swim out to the floating dock to make a plunge in the water. In her life jacket of course. She sure doesn't like anything going over her head. I think with Frankie is that she is not comfortable in a situation where she is not in control. Charley on the other hand LOVES being splashed and thrown about. We took off her clothes and she puddled and splashed and swung around kicking up a storm.
Frankie played well with Malia, they rarely fought and it seems both girls have enough gumption to get what they want when they want it. That combination of personality would make me think we would be playing referee all weekend, but the girls seemed to know how to give and take so they both were happy----most of the time. Frankie instantly called Ray and Lorna Poppa and nana, and thats how they stayed all weekend.
Charley is working on her animal sounds and is just a hoot. She will baaa like a sheep and clip clop with her tongue like a horse walks. She will try to woof but if comes out like a thhhssp. She will blow on her food if we tell her it is hot. Frankie always blew up so her hair would puff where as Charley blows down and spits on her chin!
Charley has her four top teeth and two bottom. She really is a joy. She wakes up jumping with excitement and practically climbs my shoulders to see her sister. These days are going by too fast and it breaks my heart I cannot freeze them in time. Frankie is starting to play with her sister more and they seems to have more fun. Frankie is starting to ask about times and days. She wants to know at what time we eat and what time we go to bed and what day we do what. I will see if I can find a beginner calendar for her somewhere.
Sleeping in the tent was an adventure! We had a queen size blow up and a single roll out for Frankie. Charley slept in the play pen. Frankie ended up with us both nights and so did Charley early in the morning, but it was tolerable and nobody woke up like a bear, so it was good. It was different packing up everything for a tent and not a trailer, but it was fun and I would do it again.
Yesterday we hung around the house and we played outside in the puddle pool. So much fun! The girls had a riot and so did I watching them. We really are lucky to have scored this house. The yard is amazing and I can see the girls having so much fun here for years to come. I am looking forward to next summer when we can make more trips to the creek for some water adventures. Right now Frankie is a handful on the rocks and it is pretty hard carrying Charley.
Anyway we have had a wonderful couple of days and am looking forward to a couple more wonderful days. They are going faster now that summer is winding down and I want to get as much out of them as possible!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grammy and Poppa Come to Visit

Well last week brought some summer weather (finally) and Grammy and Poppa. Though only for a few days, they came, they saw and they conquered! We explored the back yard, made a pilgramage to Home Depot (of course), and went to the Hastings Horse races!! So much fun watching and feeling those beast gallop down the track. Frankie had a great time, so did Grammy! We left 0.30 richer then when we left, so what a day. They are coming out again in few weeks to bring us our new ride on mower, so it won't be long till we see them again! Frankie just got up with the saddest face in the world! Poor little monkey, misses her Grammy and Poppa! Better go and make her feel better......

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer time fun fun fun

Well this summer has got to go down on record as being the most rainy, grim and lacking sunshine in all of history! It is warm but not sunny! We are still managing to find some fun though. I like to take the girls to Maple Ridge park, and if it is nice enough Frankie can puddle around in the spray park. She LOVES the swings and will swing for days if you let her. I am finally starting to see a bit of an adventurous spirit emerge and she will climb (or try to climb) to get to the bigger slides now. She is not too adventurous at all and acts like quite the princess about it. Her acting and dancing sure came in handy when we went to the Maple Ridge fair this year. While watching a performer, he asked the kids to come on up for a dancing competition. Frankie led pack and while the other kids kind of danced in place Frankie paraded around the stage back and forth, twirling and toe tapping, running and jumping. In her hot pink tu-tu and high tops she was hard to miss. Of course she WON the competition, and was awarded a CD of the performer (Conrad Flapps-not mt favorite that is for sure)
Charley just got her shots and weighs in at 17lbs 4 oz, and is 27 inches long. She is pulling herself up on the furniture and LOVES to be standing. She really is a good kid (for now)! She gets really excited when her dad comes comes home and says Hi Dada Hi dada over and over . She says Hiya and dada now and bababababa. She makes lip smacks when she wants to chase the cat courtesy of her dad calling Kokanee in like that every night. It is pretty cute when she worms her way up to the patio window and makes kissy sounds-if that cat in near she just abouts pounds the door down with excitement!
Quag has been working a lot of Saturdays and longer days so it has been hard with the girls and the rainy weather. We have been battling Pink eye, bladder infections, Frankie's asthma and the grey days so the house feels like it is closing in on us some days, but I have made a promise to myself to try not to loose patience with them and to get out everyday, even in the rain!
Today we took the double stroller to the Subway to get a sandwich and we made a stop at the wreaking yard to get a new taillight for the truck. Frankie loved all the old cars and Charley loved the rottweiler yard dog "miller" who wouldn't stop licking her cheerio'd hands! I have finally got both girls down for a sleep and am enjoying some much needed quiet time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where to begin...

So for the past few weeks it seems we have just be trying to get healthy! Frankie has had 2 bladder infections, a cold and now pick eye. Charley has pink eye now too. Three Dr visits in the past 3 weeks, 4 prescriptions and numerous sleepless nights and we are still not mended. I blame the crappy weather. End of July and we have been able to play outside all day only a handful of times. This has got to be the worst July ever for lack of sunshine. I bought extra vitamins today with more vitamin d in to compensate. But enough's what the girls are up to.
Frankie is weighing in at 32 lbs and 37 inches, so that means she has grown around 5 inches in the past 2-3 months! All her jeans are too short and all her shorts look like belly shirts!! She is in a bit of a 'defiant' stage (please tell me she will grow out of this!!) where she has an excuse for everything and a attitude to back it. She has started to get a bit rough with all of us too, she will hit us or stomp on our toes and she continues to challenge us at every oppertunity. I really think it is all jealousy related, and am trying to be more patient and spend more one on one time with her. But with her being sick and us being house bound we tend to get in each other face quite a bit!
Charley is now able to army crawl her way every where and she can now pull her self up to sitting from her belly. She can also pull herself to standing on the ottoman too and boy is proud of herself when she does this! She gets so excited clapping and raising her hand up to show YEY, she usually falls down again!! I am finally getting her second shots done next week so she will have her weigh in then (I know I know, I am awful!! 8 months old and only her second shots!!)
Frankie is starting to be more adventurous with her climbing and playing which makes me happy, because she was a bit slow on that an acts like a princess. She is also getting better at arts and crafts and pretend, where she will play in her room for an hour or so just talking to her dolls and books, making them 'food' and doctoring them. She is a nurturer that is for sure. She is always concerned with babies and trys to take care of them. If she sees that i need something or don't feel well she tries to make me feel better. She often asks me if I need a hug, which of course I never refuse!! Looks like both lil monsters are rousing from naps, so until next time a Frankie-ism.
Frankie "Mom why do you have to go to the gym?"
Me "To work off my giggly belly"
Frankie "Why do you have to work off your giggly belly?"
Me "Because I don't like it to giggle"
Frankie "I like it to giggle, it makes me laugh when we dance!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Day at a Time

Well it seems we have finally got some nice weather to go outside with, so I haven't even turned on the computer lately. It has been a busy week or two. Our truck broke down, so Tyson fixed it, he is a handy little (big) fella to have around, and a really great kid. He is growing into a really great young man...and handy with the tools, so that is always good! Gran is back in the hospital so we have been going to visit with her. It is not looking good for her mobility and it is breaking my heart that such a vibrant woman seems to just be wasting away. Her vertigo is so bad that she cannot sit up most days, so eating and drinking is a chore, let alone getting up and moving around. All we can do is visit and try to lift her spirits, but I know sometimes Frankie and Charley in there is a bit much!
We had a playdate over at our house and blew up the mini pool. I love our new yard and think it is a perfect place to raise the girls. If ever i doubt myself about the house, seeing all the kids run around and play on the swings, ride their bikes and then jump in the pool all in our yard is enough of a reassurance. When they get older the back back yard is perfect stomping grounds for adventure, as long as they wear their bear bells!!!
So we had a picnic dinner at the lake the other night then last night we had a picnic dinner at the gazebo to watch a puppet show in the park so the nice weather is such a blessing. I keep feeling the crunch of time. After summer I have to go back to work and it cause a mini panic attack ever time I think of it. I am still not sure what I will be doing, and the thought of having to FIND a job and go back to work is sending me into a bit of a tail spin. I have to remind my self to live in the present. To enjoy the girls everyday and the time I can spend with them. Enjoy each and everyday, one day at a time......

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning not to Take for granted...

A few days ago I got some awful news about a old friend of mine. His daughter was found unresponsive at daycare. They started CPR and airlifted to Emergency. They got her breathing but it was too late, and the following morning they waited until her Grandparents from Canada met them and they pulled the plug. Her twin sister died a little while after birth, so this is the second baby this family has had to bury. She was a little older them Charley and their first daughter is a little older then Frankie. Just thinking about it makes me cry, I cannot fathom how these poor people can get through this.
Earlier in this day I was having some , er, challenges with my Frankie. Seems Frankie thinks she gets whatever she wants whenever she wants. She was challenging her father the night before and he yelled at her, so this morning he asked me to see if I could find the roller skates that she wanted. So we were out at Zellars trying to find the said roller skates. After 6 this is MINE and I AM TAKING THIS, I told her she was being bad and told her that she may not get anything today including roller skates. This sparked the tantrum. Full on screaming, yelling, hitting. I pulled into a quiet isle where she shrieked "don't touch me!" which prompted 2 or three other shoppers to come and check make sure I wasn't strangling my child. I lifted her up, threw her over my shoulder and wheeled Charley into the elevator where an elderly type told her she was too cute to cry and that she deserved a present! (Thanks lady, that was a big help) I was furious and told her so, and told her not to talk to me until I calmed down. After we got home and I was ready to talk I started to explain that she doesn't get 'something' every time we go and she rolled her eyes at me and said "whatever Mom"!!
It took everything I had to not snap on the little monster. I sent her down to her room to play and I zoned out on the computer for a few minutes....that was when I saw the news about my friends daughter. His poor unresponsive baby.
I'll take my screaming, tantruming child any day.
It only takes a second to realize that an entire day of stress and anger was for nothing, nothing of any importance. Don't get me wrong, the kid isn't getting roller skates any time soon, but I will not waste anther moment being angry about it. She and her sister are alive and screaming-I'd better not complain about it.

Monday, June 27, 2011


So after Mom, Dad and Kristi and Alex came out here we surprised Dad with a 'trip' home! Surprise Dad, you get to drive home with a toddler, a baby and Me! We had a flight booked from Calgary home for the following week. The drive went smoothly and the girls we excellent passengers. At home we shocked Leanne and Sabrina which was a nice surprise!! A relatively uneventful week-due to the bad weather, we did alot of shopping! We did get one hour in at Sicome beach, where Frankie puddled around in her underwears until the giant black rain clouds came. We did go to a giant pool in Airdrie, and played with Leanne and Sabrina in there. Frankie was able to jump off the edge without my hands in hers so that was good. Charley likes the water too, although she was a bit tired while we were there.
Frankie slept with Grammy and Poppa the entire time we were there, so I felt bad for them-she tosses and turns like a snake in the grass. She even pushed Grammy out of bed one night, but they insisted so i didn't let them complain too much!
The flight home was great, I have two great little travelers on my hands. Frankie loved that she gets her own seat now and she feeds off the special attention that the flight attendants give her. Charley slept pretty much the entire way. We were happy to get home and sleep in our own beds, like we always are after a few nights away. Frankie understands the concept now that we live in one place and Grammy and Poppa live in another city, and another province. Most days she can name them too, which is cool. All in all another great vacay home to Calgary! Quag and I keep joking that one day in 17-18 yrs we will go on a vacation somewhere other then Calgary, and not with either of our parents! One day..........

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Slow down, it's moving to fast!

Frankie got her big girl bed. A double bed with her crib back as the head board. We went out and bought new big girl bedding which was a pink flowered quilt with 2 shams. Very delicate, very girly, very pretty and a calming effect for her hot pink bedroom. She was a little apprehensive at first but a few minutes with her dad and a promise that we would read to her in bed and she was hooked. Looking in on her while she was sleeping just about brought tears to my eyes. She looked so little in her big girl bed. Just like when she was so little in her crib after she moved out of the bassinet. She woke up so proud of herself. She yelled up to me "Mommy, come get me out of my big girl bed, I had a GRRRREEEAAT sleep!" After the first night, and morning, she just comes upstairs on her own, but that first morning she just wanted me to see her in her big bed!
Quag called me from work to see how she slept and he told me HE almost cried thinking about it. Our little frankie, in her big bed!
Charley is also growing too fast for comfort. She started to say Dada at almost 8 months and she army crawls around like crazy. Her little bedonk da donk gets up in the air but she isn't "crawling" yet. She IS however standing up against the ottoman be herself for a minute or so at a time and she is starting to vocalize a lot more. She has also taken a few steps holding on to my fingers and she is SO proud of herself as she does!! She is a happy little thing, LOVES being talked to and lights up when he sister starts to play with her.
The differences between them is almost comical. Frankie was happy to sit and play with toys or look at books, Charley won't sit still. Frankie had an extensive vocabulary at this age, saying things like dada, yum yum, football, no, mama...Charley isn't saying anything but Dada. Frankie was (and still is) a picky eater, Charley eats anything you put in front of her. If you said no to Frankie over something (like getting close to outlets) she wouldn't look at them again, Charley heads for them everytime with a grin back at you like 'try and stop me'! Where Frankie is timid about heights and 'dangerous' things Charley seems to dive head first into it. She even trys to slide head first off my legs!
I love that my girls are so different. I love that they both seem to be thriving off each other too. I just wish that time would slow down a bit, it all seems to be moving to fast...........

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pre-Summer Vacation

So the last two weeks have been a whirlwind! First Kristi and Alex came out to visit and to see UFC fighting at Rogers Arena. The same day Grammy and Poppa drove out and Quag and I went to Sarah and Tanners wedding in downtown Vancouver. Fun was had by all (except for maybe grammy and Poppa!) The next day Quag and I and the girls went to WhiteRock with Grammy and Poppa and played at the beach all day and walked the boardwalk. It was the first nice day in MONTHS and we loved it. Frankie loved playing in the ocean which was as warm as soup! The tide came in and almost washed our shoes away so we headed down the mile long pier then had some fish and chips! A super day that's for sure!
The rest of the visit was a whirlwind of shopping adventures, baths, bedtimes and meals it seems! We got Quag his birthday gift which was a new mailbox, we installed Frankies mailbox right next to it to match too! For fathers day, we were going to be away in Calgary so we rushed to get a new stepping stone done for Quag, which I hid in plain sight in the garage! he sounded surprised when we told him where it was so I don't think he found it before hand. The next post will be all about our adventure to Calgary.....but for now---whiterock beach!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Frankie in the morning...

So we have been having some issues with Frankie getting up at the crack of dawn lately and today was no exception. At 5:40 am she comes into our room and whispers "Mom, Mom, I think it is time to get up...." I glance at the clock and sure enough Q is sleeping in. I rouse him then tell Frankie to climb in on her Dad's side. She says she wants a snack and to watch cartoons. I sigh and relent. I have no inclination to try to persuade her at 5:40 am. As I am getting out of bed and groaning she grabs my hand and skips excitedly and says "Come on Mom, it's time to face the day!!"
How could you not love getting up to that!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Charleys Ramblings

So at 7 months Charley isn't as vocal as Frankie was but she gets her point across. If there is something she wants she gets it. She rolls, scoots and army crawls her way to it. If she is on your lap she will wait for a moment of relaxation on your part and dive for it. In a moment of 'chattiness' she will say ta-ta and blows raspberries. but no real words yet. It really is remarkable to see the differences in the two girls. Where Frankie was very verbal and engaged in talking, Charley is more mobile and interested in moving. Frankie was a picky eater and only liked certain things, Charley will eat anything (other than bananas) put in front of her. Frankie was not a great sleeper, she always wanted to be up and with people, Charley has been sleeping through the night since day one pretty much.
Charley loves to watch her sister and laughs when Frankie plays with her. When Frankie is tired however she tends to get a bit rough, but Charley seems to take it all in stride and will let us know when she is really hurt.
Just yesterday she popped up on all fours. She didn't crawl but is very close. Until then she is content to roll and now she scoots by pulling her self around and pushing with her toes.

The first day...

Here is the first day of our blogging experience. I wanted to start to tell my girls the story of their everyday life and I figure check in on the computer at least once a day and therefor have two or three minutes to type about it everyday. I can't promise that I will do it everyday, but I will try. The idea came to me while all 4 of us were squirming around in bed this morning and Quag's alarm went off with David Bowie singing China Girl. Frankie immediately started dancing and started singing some of the words.....where did she learn the words??? "Oh baby, just you shut your feet" she sings.........
Currently my daughter Frankie is 2 1/2 and Charley is 7 months. They are growing so fast and want a place where I can capture the everyday wonders that we accomplish. So here is our blog. I hope they can look back on it when they are older and it serves as a giant album into their childhood.
On that note, I am not sure how blogs really work or how you do it, so here it goes....hope we can figure it out as we go.......