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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summers almost over!

Well the past few weeks have just flown by. We attended Scott and Hayley's wedding in Kelwona at Camp Owissi which was a really great weekend. We sure do have fun when we hook up with the McLean clan. Now we are prepping the house for Grammy and Poppa to come and visit with our NEW (old) Lawn Tractor!! I have been busy trying to finally organize the house and clean and purge everything, but it is hard with the kids around. Yesterday (Saturday0 they attended Daddie daycare and it was Lovely!! I got so much accomplished! I cleaned and organized Charley's room and she moved in last night. It was a bit of a rocky transition. It took a few tries to get down and when she woke up it was with a start, but I think she will settle in nicely ( I hope)!
Today we are getting ready to attend a birthday party and a Grammy Shower! So it will be a fun filled busy day.
In a few weeks I will really start having to put my nose to the grindstone and get job hunting, but being the procrastinator that I am, I am cleaning instead!
Charley is still furniture cruising but is starting to become more vocal and loves her Daddy!! She goes bananas whenever the phone rings or when she 'calls' him. "Hiya Dada, Hiya Dada" over and over again. Frankie is still a bit jealous and is taking all the 'baby' things back, but she is a show off and loves the attention so i can't see that changing anytime soon. He favorite thing now is "Look at me!" She is doing somersaults and is a bit more brave and independent at the playground.
Charley is eating everything and is going to bed around 11pm, till usually around 4 am for a quick feed then back to bed again till 7-8am. I haven't tried her on milk yet but think I will see if she reacts to it in the next few weeks.
Have to hurray now, we have a busy day ahead of us!!