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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Days

Well we have been happily enjoying the lazy days of summer, seeing as we finally got some nice weather under our belt. Yesterday Diana and I went shopping and I was in shock as I found out that Frankie can fit in to some xsmall clothes! What! My almost 3 year old has completely jumped 4t sizes?!?! It gave me a bit of a shock and sent my head spinning. With all the back to school hype I got tho thinking what will be my train of thought in a few years time when my baby starts school? When she makes those first steps to her independence and will be left to fair the world without me to protect her? What if another kid makes fun of her, or the cool girls break her heart....
I know I cannot do anything about the inevitable, it still makes my head spin that my babies are growing so fast. The other day she put her backpack on and was running the driveway and looked back and said, "Look mom, looks like I am going to school." And it did......
This week we will go to Kelowna for a wedding and we are all looking forward to it. We will be staying in a cabin and there will be games and fun for all. We are trying to enjoy these final days of summer and I am hoping for a nice fall. I want to take advantage of all the nice weather and the time I get to spend with the girls all I can.
This week I am heading to Bowman employment resources to discuss resume options, which is another source of panic for me. I am trying to be optimistic and I hope something that will work for us as a family will come and smack me in the forehead! Until then I will remain hopelessly oblivious to my grown up responsibilities.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Charley Walks!!!

She did it...well sort of! Haha! I brought in the 'walker' and thought I would give it a try. Frankie only used the walker AFTER she knew how to walk so I did not hold out much hope. As soon as I got it in the door Charley grabbed the handle and was off. Bumped in the railing a fell down, but she got half way down the hallway. Then later in the day she was standing up using my legs as a brace then she just let go and stood up straight on her own. After those feats it was like pulling teeth trying to get her down for her nap, all she wanted to do was walk and stand without using her hands!
Today we had Rene and her girls over and Sarah and her boys over and Charley didn't want anything to do with the babies. After getting chastized for poking Liv's face three times all she wanted to do was follow around the older girls. You can already see her trailer after Frankie begging her to let her play....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just another Day.

So Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Avery's 3 birthday party. It was nice to be able to spend some time with friends and be able to chat a bit. The kids all played well and didn't get too mad that Avery was the only one getting presents! I had a talk with Frankie before we got there about how it was Avery's house and her toys and HER day and so to share etc and that really seems to help further on in the day. Patty made an amazing cake, but was unfortunately able to attend to eat it! Then we went on a hunt for a BBQ. At superstore they had the $900 BBQ on for $237, but it was only in natural gas. Quag wanted to run a gas line eventually anyway so here starts another project. We need to find someone to run our natural gas line and then we will have a wonderful new BBQ to hook up to it!!!
Charley is doing well, she is starting to find things really funny, like sherberts and peek a boo. She LOVES her dad kissing her neck and will throw herself back onto him to get him to do it more! She is starting to show her own personality more and she will be the get up and go type. She is always on the move.
Frankie is becoming such an actress. Last night in bed she was asking me to sleep with her because "she needed to keep her eyes on me just incase the Poison gas will get us" While she is saying this she is putting on her best serious face and it trying to instill the urgency in the situation....I seriously have to get this kid into some drama classes.
All in all just another day in the world.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Sunshine Coast

Rene and Cliff invited us to Gibsons on the sunshine coast to spend the weekend at their parents place. What a treat! Such beautiful country! We were graced with great weather so we got a day in a the beach and an hour on the boat! The beach was really great fun. Frankie and Malia played in the sand the majority of the time although Frankie and I did make a swim out to the floating dock to make a plunge in the water. In her life jacket of course. She sure doesn't like anything going over her head. I think with Frankie is that she is not comfortable in a situation where she is not in control. Charley on the other hand LOVES being splashed and thrown about. We took off her clothes and she puddled and splashed and swung around kicking up a storm.
Frankie played well with Malia, they rarely fought and it seems both girls have enough gumption to get what they want when they want it. That combination of personality would make me think we would be playing referee all weekend, but the girls seemed to know how to give and take so they both were happy----most of the time. Frankie instantly called Ray and Lorna Poppa and nana, and thats how they stayed all weekend.
Charley is working on her animal sounds and is just a hoot. She will baaa like a sheep and clip clop with her tongue like a horse walks. She will try to woof but if comes out like a thhhssp. She will blow on her food if we tell her it is hot. Frankie always blew up so her hair would puff where as Charley blows down and spits on her chin!
Charley has her four top teeth and two bottom. She really is a joy. She wakes up jumping with excitement and practically climbs my shoulders to see her sister. These days are going by too fast and it breaks my heart I cannot freeze them in time. Frankie is starting to play with her sister more and they seems to have more fun. Frankie is starting to ask about times and days. She wants to know at what time we eat and what time we go to bed and what day we do what. I will see if I can find a beginner calendar for her somewhere.
Sleeping in the tent was an adventure! We had a queen size blow up and a single roll out for Frankie. Charley slept in the play pen. Frankie ended up with us both nights and so did Charley early in the morning, but it was tolerable and nobody woke up like a bear, so it was good. It was different packing up everything for a tent and not a trailer, but it was fun and I would do it again.
Yesterday we hung around the house and we played outside in the puddle pool. So much fun! The girls had a riot and so did I watching them. We really are lucky to have scored this house. The yard is amazing and I can see the girls having so much fun here for years to come. I am looking forward to next summer when we can make more trips to the creek for some water adventures. Right now Frankie is a handful on the rocks and it is pretty hard carrying Charley.
Anyway we have had a wonderful couple of days and am looking forward to a couple more wonderful days. They are going faster now that summer is winding down and I want to get as much out of them as possible!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grammy and Poppa Come to Visit

Well last week brought some summer weather (finally) and Grammy and Poppa. Though only for a few days, they came, they saw and they conquered! We explored the back yard, made a pilgramage to Home Depot (of course), and went to the Hastings Horse races!! So much fun watching and feeling those beast gallop down the track. Frankie had a great time, so did Grammy! We left 0.30 richer then when we left, so what a day. They are coming out again in few weeks to bring us our new ride on mower, so it won't be long till we see them again! Frankie just got up with the saddest face in the world! Poor little monkey, misses her Grammy and Poppa! Better go and make her feel better......