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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well it is here! Another December! Ok, I have to admit I love December. Well the last 6 days of it. The kids are both pretty snoggy now. Charley, it seems, is getting (or has) her first cold. Poor lil monkey. She holds still for us and lets us blow her nose and she will even try to blow on her own. She was trying to copy me sneezing this morning which brought on a fit of giggles as I sneezed again and again with her.
Frankie has been boycotting sleep and food for the last few days. Well unless we are eating subway meatball subs.....I hope she sleeps in a little bit today. Her dad made the mistake the other night when I was out grocery shopping letting her come back upstairs to watch some TV because "she just wasn't sleepy" so that has been her catch phrase since then!
I bought them an advent calendar and Frankie is already reminding me to not forget to give her a chocolate EVERYDAY! That kid has a memory like an Elephant!
Today I go and sign some paperwork for school. And so begins a new chapter for me. Well sort of a new revamped chapter......I hope to get some knowledge about business ownership from this.
So I am almost done my Christmas shopping which makes me a bit sad-I love Christmas shopping. Seems that you have start earlier and earlier each year because of the deals. Especially with kids. If not you miss the IT present for the year.
So bring it on December. A month of rushing, parties, baking and family. Oh, lets not forget the most awesome day of the year!!!