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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer time fun fun fun

Well this summer has got to go down on record as being the most rainy, grim and lacking sunshine in all of history! It is warm but not sunny! We are still managing to find some fun though. I like to take the girls to Maple Ridge park, and if it is nice enough Frankie can puddle around in the spray park. She LOVES the swings and will swing for days if you let her. I am finally starting to see a bit of an adventurous spirit emerge and she will climb (or try to climb) to get to the bigger slides now. She is not too adventurous at all and acts like quite the princess about it. Her acting and dancing sure came in handy when we went to the Maple Ridge fair this year. While watching a performer, he asked the kids to come on up for a dancing competition. Frankie led pack and while the other kids kind of danced in place Frankie paraded around the stage back and forth, twirling and toe tapping, running and jumping. In her hot pink tu-tu and high tops she was hard to miss. Of course she WON the competition, and was awarded a CD of the performer (Conrad Flapps-not mt favorite that is for sure)
Charley just got her shots and weighs in at 17lbs 4 oz, and is 27 inches long. She is pulling herself up on the furniture and LOVES to be standing. She really is a good kid (for now)! She gets really excited when her dad comes comes home and says Hi Dada Hi dada over and over . She says Hiya and dada now and bababababa. She makes lip smacks when she wants to chase the cat courtesy of her dad calling Kokanee in like that every night. It is pretty cute when she worms her way up to the patio window and makes kissy sounds-if that cat in near she just abouts pounds the door down with excitement!
Quag has been working a lot of Saturdays and longer days so it has been hard with the girls and the rainy weather. We have been battling Pink eye, bladder infections, Frankie's asthma and the grey days so the house feels like it is closing in on us some days, but I have made a promise to myself to try not to loose patience with them and to get out everyday, even in the rain!
Today we took the double stroller to the Subway to get a sandwich and we made a stop at the wreaking yard to get a new taillight for the truck. Frankie loved all the old cars and Charley loved the rottweiler yard dog "miller" who wouldn't stop licking her cheerio'd hands! I have finally got both girls down for a sleep and am enjoying some much needed quiet time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where to begin...

So for the past few weeks it seems we have just be trying to get healthy! Frankie has had 2 bladder infections, a cold and now pick eye. Charley has pink eye now too. Three Dr visits in the past 3 weeks, 4 prescriptions and numerous sleepless nights and we are still not mended. I blame the crappy weather. End of July and we have been able to play outside all day only a handful of times. This has got to be the worst July ever for lack of sunshine. I bought extra vitamins today with more vitamin d in to compensate. But enough's what the girls are up to.
Frankie is weighing in at 32 lbs and 37 inches, so that means she has grown around 5 inches in the past 2-3 months! All her jeans are too short and all her shorts look like belly shirts!! She is in a bit of a 'defiant' stage (please tell me she will grow out of this!!) where she has an excuse for everything and a attitude to back it. She has started to get a bit rough with all of us too, she will hit us or stomp on our toes and she continues to challenge us at every oppertunity. I really think it is all jealousy related, and am trying to be more patient and spend more one on one time with her. But with her being sick and us being house bound we tend to get in each other face quite a bit!
Charley is now able to army crawl her way every where and she can now pull her self up to sitting from her belly. She can also pull herself to standing on the ottoman too and boy is proud of herself when she does this! She gets so excited clapping and raising her hand up to show YEY, she usually falls down again!! I am finally getting her second shots done next week so she will have her weigh in then (I know I know, I am awful!! 8 months old and only her second shots!!)
Frankie is starting to be more adventurous with her climbing and playing which makes me happy, because she was a bit slow on that an acts like a princess. She is also getting better at arts and crafts and pretend, where she will play in her room for an hour or so just talking to her dolls and books, making them 'food' and doctoring them. She is a nurturer that is for sure. She is always concerned with babies and trys to take care of them. If she sees that i need something or don't feel well she tries to make me feel better. She often asks me if I need a hug, which of course I never refuse!! Looks like both lil monsters are rousing from naps, so until next time a Frankie-ism.
Frankie "Mom why do you have to go to the gym?"
Me "To work off my giggly belly"
Frankie "Why do you have to work off your giggly belly?"
Me "Because I don't like it to giggle"
Frankie "I like it to giggle, it makes me laugh when we dance!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Day at a Time

Well it seems we have finally got some nice weather to go outside with, so I haven't even turned on the computer lately. It has been a busy week or two. Our truck broke down, so Tyson fixed it, he is a handy little (big) fella to have around, and a really great kid. He is growing into a really great young man...and handy with the tools, so that is always good! Gran is back in the hospital so we have been going to visit with her. It is not looking good for her mobility and it is breaking my heart that such a vibrant woman seems to just be wasting away. Her vertigo is so bad that she cannot sit up most days, so eating and drinking is a chore, let alone getting up and moving around. All we can do is visit and try to lift her spirits, but I know sometimes Frankie and Charley in there is a bit much!
We had a playdate over at our house and blew up the mini pool. I love our new yard and think it is a perfect place to raise the girls. If ever i doubt myself about the house, seeing all the kids run around and play on the swings, ride their bikes and then jump in the pool all in our yard is enough of a reassurance. When they get older the back back yard is perfect stomping grounds for adventure, as long as they wear their bear bells!!!
So we had a picnic dinner at the lake the other night then last night we had a picnic dinner at the gazebo to watch a puppet show in the park so the nice weather is such a blessing. I keep feeling the crunch of time. After summer I have to go back to work and it cause a mini panic attack ever time I think of it. I am still not sure what I will be doing, and the thought of having to FIND a job and go back to work is sending me into a bit of a tail spin. I have to remind my self to live in the present. To enjoy the girls everyday and the time I can spend with them. Enjoy each and everyday, one day at a time......