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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Madness

It seems so long since I last checked in! This past October has come and gone in a whirlwind! Frankie, now 4, got her ears peirced on her birthday. She was an amazing little trooper. I love the way her mind works. I knew she was a bit nervous so she said she couldn't pick a pair of earrings until she had something to eat. "I can't make this choice with a hungry belly mom"! I think were her words. It was her way of stepping back to see if this was what she wanted. When she finally picked-a cobalt blue pair amoung diamonds and pink stones, she say up proud as can be. The guns went off and  the look of surprise, then shock, then stinging pain was one I don't think I will ever forget. She only cried a little and she made me very proud. We have not any problems with her ears except for the lost eariing on the second day. She is very proud of them too and has taken very good care of them. \
Poor Charley is too little to do anything, she kept telling us she was tuning 4 so she could get her ears pierced too. Then she told everyone she was turning three so she can do Hula lessons (Frankie started in September)
After one dance class, Frankie came out with Malia and Piper, Charley sat down pulled off her socks and shoes, picked up Frankie's binder and water bottle and marched into the gym saying "My Hula too!" Poor teachers at Hula wouldn't know what hit them with the determination in her voice. It was torture for the little nuggest to not be able to do whaqt her sister does so I enrolled her in a swimming lesson. She is a bit of a fish and is excelling at it. She is also SO proud she has something that she does all on her own. She likes the time with Quag too. I have noticed that she doesn't ever get any one on one time and when she does she shines. She has a funny little sense of humour and I know she will be a little prankster. She loves a good joke and finds great laughter in being sneaky. I love it!! She will be trouble, this I know! Charley was fully potty trained before her 2 birthday, we were very proud of her.
Mom and Dad, Leanne and Sabrina came for the weekend of the party and were a wonderful help., It was the first visit that Charely was aware that they left and that they went to Calgary.
This fall, usually a time of year that I love has seemed rushed gloomy. I didn't get my usual sense of renewal and revitialization that I usally get. I am not sure why, perhaps it is the busy schedules, Quag got laid off so that has been a source of stress. Seems that there is never enough time for anything, most importantly my girls. It is a source of guilt and stress and I know I am not the first (or last) working mother to feel this way. I just hope that there is enough of me to go around and that kids don't feel left out. I love them so much it hurts sometimes.
Frankie is loving dance and wants to take Karate too. She wants to tap, as does Charley and I feel that they will be enrolled in many things in the years to come. Although they are so differnt they both love to dance and Charley wants to be like her big sister so badly.
For Halloween Frankie dressed as a dracuala with a fleece outfit with a giant headdress and hair piece, and Charely was a little chicken. The girls loved trick-or-treating so much even though it was pouring rain. We went around Rene and Cliffs complex and it was perfect. At one point Charley put her arms around my neck, kissed my cheek  and said " Tank you Mummy, tank you for taking me tick-or-teeting" So cute it almost broke my heart. Char went up to every door holding open her bag yelling 'tick-da-teet' and ended up getting more candy then her sister. All in all it was hit and an overall great night.
Thast is all I have for now, be back soon.