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Saturday, January 21, 2012

So long...

Oh, I KNOW it has been so long since my last post, there's the mommy guilt right there! Currently we are in the tail end of the January snow that we always seem to get here in the lower mainland, and the kids and I had a blast. The hill behind the house is a perfect hill for the girls although poor little Charley can't even stand up with her snow suit on. She looks like a little star puff! They are both just getting over a little cold, but it didn't seem to slow them down any. Frankie does SO much better now with her inhalers and colds only seem to last a week instead of the months they were taking to clear up. Charley is a little trooper and doesn't complain about much of anything. I have ignored her for the last two night while she cries and it seems to be doing the trick, she only is crying for a few minutes. She is however, getting up at around 9 pm for a quick feed and to check out what mom and dad are doing. It seems to be an ever revolving door with the sleep issues and kids, and I have decided to just let the anger go. If she wants to play from 9-11 while we relax then fine-as long as she sleeps through the night!! (that is the trick!!)
Frankie is really emerging as a little person. She is starting to realize that she can do a lot of things and no longer shys away from new adventures as much. With her I feel it is a fear a failure rather then an actual fear, because I often see her trying the things she just shunned, when no one else is looking. She is so stubborn, I can see her only wanted to be the best at something.
Charley is hilarious!! She is sort of saying more, meaning she can get her point across better, without actually using words. She is a little IMP who is in EVERYTHING! For the longest time the only converstaions Quag had with her was growls. As she dumps the recycling-he picks it up and growls, as she removes the dishes from the dishwasher and walks away with them, he growls, as she dumps the umpteenth glass of water, he growls. So now when something happens, instead of Oh-Uh, or Oops, Charley growls!! Hilarious!!
The girls really play well together and Charley loves it when Frankie chases her around the house. Charley will dogpile on Frankie and sherbert her while Frankie screams.
Frankie loves her dollhouse and will spend forever putting her dolls to bed, reading stories, and walking them up the stairs.
Charley is FINALLY starting to get into books and will bring us a dozen at a time and wants to read them all, mind you she only has patience for three pages out of each book, but it is a start.
Mom and Dad are coming for a week on Wednesday, and I start a three week schooling period on Monday. Then it will be "get to work" for me. I hope I can make a go at this business, but I certainly have fears.
Anyway that is all in a nutshell that we have going on right now, more later (soon rather then laterI hope)