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Monday, June 18, 2012

Trying day

Its been a trying day. I am sad, I have been trying not to take it out on the girls. I realized as I was trying to put Charley down for a nap (the first time) that I like that quiet time we have together. It makes me sad that Frankie is upstairs watching tv while I rock and sing and read to my baby, but I really love that quiet time we have. When I finally did get her to sleep (an hour after trying the first time) I looked at her peaceful sleeping face, watched her fingers twitch, kissed her sweet forehead and realized that even though I get mad that we didn't train her to go to sleep on her own, that I am not missing one minute of getting my baby to sleep. It is irreplaceable. It is only for a short time. One day she will tell me to get out of her room and not come back in. One day she will tell me that I don't need to go down to kiss her goodnight-she is ok without me. One day she will lock her door to all things mom, so for now I will rock her with love.

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